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Buy or sell crypto through the Zeon Pay - Payment Gateway. The best commission rate in the world. Official Binance Merchant.


Ultra Fast & Secure

Simple and secure. EU license. PCI DSS certificate. Verification in less than 5 minutes.


Global payments

We support 130+ countries. All transactions with no hidden fees. Fast cryptocurrency payouts.


Payment methods

Make payments using a variety of methods including: SEPA, SWIFT, Cards, PayPal, Crypto.

Credit lines and deposits

Instant access to cash without selling: the credit line is based on the market value. Or earn daily interest on your digital assets.

  • Compounding interest paid out monthly
  • Simple process, guaranteed approval
  • Interest from 0.035% daily for deposits in crypto, USD, EUR
  • Credit line from $500 to $1,000,000
  • No repayments, no hidden fees, no KYC
  • Interest: 1% per year for loans


Crypto assets are secured by BitGo Custody: 100% asset insurance.


Make payments using a variety of methods including: SEPA, SWIFT, Cards, PayPal, Crypto.


24/7 customer support via online chat and e-mail.

Zeon Token

Target: Top 50 cryptocurrency by Market Cap. Trusted by community. Insured investments.

Token symbol
Total supply
50 billion
Circulating supply
20,11 billion
Token legal Utility
Governance DAO
CEX Bitmart.P2pb2b.Hotbit
DEX Uniswap.Balancer
DeFi Stacking, Farming
Floor price $0.0005
Market Cap ~ $179,124,984
Holders ~ 32,876
Audit OpenZeppelin
ROI 2241%
Our Partners

Zeon Ecosystem

Finance in Web3. DeFi.

Metaverse banking. As the metaverse becomes the norm to play, work and socialize, demand for a trusted mechanism to drive value exchange in the metaverse will shoot up.

Blockchain. Zeon's Blockchain (beta testing) allows its transaction rates to roughly increase with every few hundred nodes added.

Payment gateways. Cryptoprocessing solutions, integration of payment providers and acquirers, decentralized protocols and oracles.