ZEON Affiliate program

We use PostAffiliatePro. It is the Most Reviewed and #1 Rated Affiliate Software in the world.

At ZEON, we feel a great affiliate program is a way of cooperation between the advertisers, the project team and the ZEON community (more than 20,000 users). Using official ZEON advertising materials including; text links, banners, advertising, articles on websites and blogs allows everyone to promote ZEON in a consistent manner. We can provide a high-skilled graphic designer to create custom banners and pop-ups that your company needs.

We are also using PostAffiliatePro, the most reviewed and preferred affiliate software in the world. Materials will be sent on request to: [email protected]

For each referral, you will be awarded up to 29% (depending on amount) of their purchase. Any additional purchases of ZEON will be awarded between 13-35% of your referral's total purchase amount.

Popularization of ZEON

The ZEON marketing team also works on popularization of the project using the following tools:

ICO Listings (list is provided on the official website)

Media (list is provided on the official website)

Project partners (list is provided on the official website)

Social networks:

Facebook https://goo.gl/JP9R63

Twitter https://goo.gl/8ANpfZ

Instagram https://goo.gl/gNRDYp

Medium Blog https://goo.gl/Gj66s1

BitcoinTalk Forum https://bit.ly/ZEON-BCT

Messengers: Telegram https://goo.gl/hXJrF7 , Discord https://goo.gl/NXBgwx

GitHub project code library https://goo.gl/5Ft4rg

Automated sales funnel

Financial rules of partnership

Payments to partners are made daily in the currency used in the actual purchase. We accept the following currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, EOS, XMR, DASH and EURO payments via Visa/Mastercard!

All purchases are verified instantly through our international partner https://www.postaffiliatepro.com

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