ZEON Wallet

You can install the ZEON Wallet add-on in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave browser. All in one wallet for daily use.

The first secure open source wallet supporting ETH, Tokens, BTC and other blockchains.

100% client-side app and open-source. This allows the wallet to be reviewed and improved by a community. If you are a developer you can start earning tokens by developing ZEON Wallet.

  • Earn tokens by using wallet (the 1st profitable crypto wallet ever)
  • ETH, BTC and other blockchains
  • Crypto-backed loans and deposits (the 1st financial crypto wallet ever)
  • The most important analytics and news of crypto market
  • Use decentralized applications
  • Send coins and tokens to anyone, anywhere
zeon wallet, better than metamask

Contactless payment card

Spend token like traditional money, in shops, restaurants and on public transport.

zeon crypto card
  • Plastic payment card
  • Choose a GBP, EUR or USD card - or get all three!
  • Free worldwide delivery
  • Personal dashboard to control expanses and transfer tokens. No fees
  • The card is now available for preorder. To get a card, you need to have a balance in your dashboard at least $10 USD in tokens. You can spend this amount of tokens
  • Tech features: Multi-signature wallets, 256-bit AES, biometric & device verification, 3-D Secure protection, 2FA, app on iOS and Android

With help from our team and advisors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve


Token Summary

Financial operations
0%-0.5% Commision
Easy payments
0% Commision
Free services
ZEON products
0% Commision
  • Token symbol ZEON
  • Total supply 50 000 000 000
  • Circulating supply 24 112 520 288
  • Token legal Utility
  • Tokens for sale 30 000 000 000
  • Tokens sold 22 463 615 820
  • Traded to USDT, USD, BTC, ETH
  • Listings Hotbit, IDEX, P2PB2B
  • Marketcap ~ $10,440,780.00
  • Smart contract OpenZeppelin library
  • Explorer Etherscan


2% Bounty
2% Coders
4% Team
4% Advisors
7% Rewards for MN
16% Reserve Fund
50% ICO

Use of proceeds

1% Legal
5% Research
5% Business
5% Hackathons
8% Cyber security
15% Marketing
30% ZEON services
31% Blockchain & development
Blockchain platform

Fast and Decentralized

Why does ZEON differ from hundreds of crypto projects? A decentralized financial services by blockchain with sharding, useful platform of investing, DApps.

PoS and DApps

ZEON has issued an ERC20 token for trading and daily use. Custom blockchain provides creating PoS 3.0. ZEON's architecture allows its transaction rates to roughly increase with every few hundred nodes added.

Secure and decentralized

ZEON is enabling new decentralized business models which remove middlemen and inefficiencies. The trustless connections formed on ZEON's blockchain are creating new ways of interacting and trading with each other and we've only just begun unfolding the possibilities of tokenization.

ZEON Wallet and Card
Payment ecosystem
Wallet and Card

ZEON Wallet allows to invest safely, exchange, make P2P transactions. ZEON Wallet is integrated with ZEON Card. Blockchain allows peer-to-peer and business-to-business transactions to be completed without the need for a third party, which is often a bank.

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Below we've provided a bit of ZEON Network, ZEON Token, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the Telegram group

New blockchain platform: decentralised financial services, minimising complexity and user's risk, insurance services on blockchain.

New dashboard is operational, smart investments - beta version, blockchain in development, ZEON Wallet is released.

ZEON has an intrinsic token called ZEON (ERC20). ZEONs give platform and wallet usage rights to the users in terms of using it to pay for transaction processing or run smart contracts, set up of process of safe participation in other projects, financial and insurance services.

You can buy ZEON tokens on crypto exchanges.

We are open for partherships and listings. Please send your request on [email protected]

Ethereum is a decentralized software platform that enables Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications to be built and run without any downtime, fraud, control or interference from a third party. The potential applications of Ethereum are wide ranging. We are creating our own blockchain too.

The ERC20 token standard describes the functions and events that an Ethereum token contract has to implement.

Fiat money is a currency without intrinsic value established as money by a government regulation or law.

Yes, ZEON tokens (custom blockchain) will be mineable via Erebus Masternode.

You can use ZEON Wallet. One of the best wallets in crypto industry. As an official partner of Binance Trust Wallet we recommend to use it too. Aslo you can use Myetherwallet, Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or other top applications.

Staking is an art of mining through digital wallets. Through staking, you can earn additional ZEON tokens if you store them in your ZEON Wallet and configure the staking option.

50 000 000 000 / ~ 24 112 520 288

Tokens are a representation of a particular asset or utility that usually resides on top of another blockchain. Tokens can represent basically any assets that are fungible and tradable, from commodities to loyalty points to even other cryptocurrencies.

The smart contract is published atEtherscan.io.

With every new user the demand for ZEON grows. Users buy ZEON directly at the exchanges. There are 1+ billion potential users and hence 1+ billion potential ZEON buyers out there. ZEON Network provides products to use tokens.

Unfortunately, due to specific regulations from individual countries, we are unable to provide services in specific regions. Restricted jurisdictions: we do not establish accounts to residents of certain jurisdictions such as the USA, Canada.

ZEON Proof of Care (bounty) is our program where we gratefully reward our users for their attention & activity towards ZEON by spreading information about our project in their own way.

Anyone can join our Proof of Care program and Airdrop, and be rewarded for their love & devotion towards ZEON.

ZEON is a truly decentralized at its core. Anyone who contributes to ZEON is an owner / team member.

Absolutely! ZEON is built by the community, for the community, and 50% members work on a volunteer basis. No matter what skill you have (marketing, coding, translations, web, etc.), we welcome and encourage your contributions to the ZEON.

This is treated differently in each jurisdiction. A token can be a means of payment, a digital asset, a foreign currency, a software and even a service. Please seek an independent expert advice for your jurisdiction.

Yes. ZEON is a decentralized token for using blockchain and ZEON services. It is used as a unit of account within the ZEON ecosystem and is thus a utility token. Upon request we provide a legal document.